Open Flange Grout Hog

R2-OF-GHR-2 Mfg., Inc. has once again developed one of the most productive grout pumps in the market place today. The  Open Flange Grout Hog is an extremely user friendly machine, with a simple  design to mix and pump neat cements, bentonites and non-shrink grouts.

It has a 55 gallon mix thank and a 27 gallon pumping hopper. It utilizes a 2LJ4 PCP and can pump up to 20 gallons per minute at pressures up to 350 psi. It has a 3” dump valve for easy flow of product and is driven with a 13 HP Honda Engine.

The Open Flange Grout Hog is light weight, and has a small foot print for tight working quarters. It utilizes a 2 speed mix for a fast and easy shearing action on the product.

It comes complete and ready to go to site. It includes a 1” X 15’ discharge hose, pressure gauge and quick couplers.  

H = 53 in.
W = 37 in.
L = 77 in.
Weight = 850 lbs.

The Open Flange Grout Hog can pump light aggregate, which is directly pour into the pumping hopper, slowly, at the same time the mix is released into the pumping hopper, and being discharged through the discharge pump. The mix is used as the media that helps the aggregate flow correctly into the stator /rotor to be pumped out under pressure.   

This work horse is designed for a fast and thorough flush and cleaning to help omit wasted labor during the cleanup stage.

These engineering specifications are computed on a theoretical basis.
Actual capacities will vary according to specific operating conditions.
R-2 Mfg., Inc.reserves the right to change specifications without notification or obligation.




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