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Delivering a revolutionary new technology solution for micro trenching that is swiftly changing the way fiber optic networks are deployed today requires new innovation in many areas including installation of the product, and the equipment used to complete the job properly.

Remote control discharge to seal the trench. The MTGK-20 TRENCH GROUTER can seal aprox. 20 feet of trench per minute without any overflow, and no mess to clean up.

The GROUT KING™ with the FW-1 Flow Wand can install the fiber optic conduit air and water tight to reduce the moisture and debris from finding its way into cables, virtually eliminating expensive repairs.

Any of our Grout Pumps can be outfitted with the remote control unit to make it the perfect grouting equipment for micro trenching applications.

Here are few of the industries that we service:

  • Restoration Repair
  • Municipals
  • Highways
  • Maintenance
  • Building Construction


  • Geothermal
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Mining & Tunnels
  • Microtrenching/Fiber Optics
  • Domestic Water Wells


These engineering specifications are computed on a theoretical basis.
Actual capacities will vary according to specific operating conditions.
R-2 Mfg., Inc.reserves the right to change specifications without notification or obligation.




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