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SUPER GROUTER™™SIMPLICITY  There are only three levers to operate the SUPER GROUTER™ grout pump, Two mix levers, one for each mixing hopper, and one pump lever for the pumping hopper.

ONE-TWO-THREE MAN OPERATION One man can operate the SUPER GROUTER™ by himself or he can use one or two people to help him increase productivity. One person at each mixing hopper and one person running the pumping hopper.

PUMPING CAPABILITY The SUPER GROUTER™can mix and pump a maximum of 650 - 850 gallons per hour, depending on the product that is being mixed and the number of operators.

TRIPLE HOPPER SYSTEM There are two mixing hoppers, each have a capacity of 52 gallons, and one pumping hopper that has a capacity of 33 gallons on the SUPER GROUTER™ The pumping hopper has a cone shaped bottom mounted directly over the progressive cavity pump so that anything dumped in this hopper will go into the pump.


FORWARD AND REVERSE PRESSURE FLUSH CAPABILITY For clean-up, the group pump can run in forward or reverse. Utilizing the forward and reverse pressure flush assures the operator that his grout pump, which is the heart of his machine, is completely cleaned.

DISCHARGE PRESSURE The SUPER GROUTER™ can reach pressures up to 300 psi on non-continuous duty cycle. 150-250 psi is recommended on a continuous duty cycle.



H = 54"
W = 50"
L = 107"
Weight = 1,000 lbs.


Cement Capacity: 10 -94 lb. bags
Slurry Capacity: 104 gallons


Honda 13 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity


750-875 psi
Hydraulic Reservoir - 40 gallons
Filtration -10 micron, spin-on element


Progressive Capacity (2L6 CDQ)

These engineering specifications are computed on a theoretical basis.
Actual capacities will vary according to specific operating conditions.
R-2 Mfg., Inc.reserves the right to change specifications without notification or obligation.



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